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Festivals & Flowers in Tokyo


<In Tokyo's 23 Wards>
Traditional Ceremony (Rice Farming) (Itabashi Ward, Tokyo) (Every 11 February)
Traditional Ceremony (Rice Farming) (Itabashi Ward, Tokyo) (Every 13 February)
Cherry Blossoms & Tokyo Sky Tree
 (Sumida, Taito Wards) (Late March - Early April)

Rapeblossoms(Chuo Ward) (Late March - Late April)
Traditional Egret Dance(Taito Ward) 
 (Every 2nd Sunday of April & 3 November)

Parade of Portable Shrines (Taito Ward) 
 (Friday - Sunday close to 17 & 18 May)

Parade of Portable Shrines(Chiyoda Ward) (Mid May) 
Japanese Iris(Katsushika Ward) (Early - Late June)
Repose of Souls Ceremony(Chiyoda Ward) (Mid July)
Traditional Ceremony Praying for Stopping Rain
 (Ota Ward) (Every 14 July)
Parade of Portable Shrines(Koto Ward) (Every 15 August)
Traditional Acrobatic Performance on Water(Koto Ward) 
 (Every 3rd or 4th Sunday of October)

Traditional Parade of History(Taito Ward) (Every 3 November)

Rose (Mid May - Late June)

Fire Ceremony (Every 2nd Sunday of March)

Tulip (Early - Mid April)

Hydrangea (Early June - Early July)

Traditional Dance 
 (Every Saturday & Sunday close to 29 September)

Japanese Apricot (Early - Late March) 
Azalea (Late April)

Camellia (Early January - Early March)

<Tachikawa / Akishima>
Poppy (Mid April - Late May)


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